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JUNIORS: Grab your ungers and sign up for AYF-YOARF Junior Seminar before prices increase tomorrow! Educate. Motivate. Activate. Armenian Cause 2.0 - Day 2 - Washington, D.C. AYF Western Region's Cali girls helping out our kitchen staff at Tri-Regional Seminar! "LET US EAT! LET US EAT!"
Younger group kids being lectured on the story of Musa Dagh at AYF Junior Seminar 2011. AYF Junior Seminar 2011 is well under way! Flag raising on the first morning, May 28.
Are YOU ready for DC's CINCO DE HAYO CELEBRATION?!?!?! Group photo in front of the ANCA. Aram Hamparian celebrates his birthday with the 8th graders from Pilibos Armenian School!
Aram Hamparian lecturing 8th graders from Pilibos Armenian School on Hai Tahd. 8th graders from Pilibos Armenian School in LA visiting the ANCA Office on their class trip to DC. 8th graders from Ferrahian Armenian School in California visiting the ANCA
8th grade Ferrahian students have a mock meeting with President Obama to practice diplomatically addressing their concerns with America recognizing the Armenian Genocide. 8th Graders from Ferrahian Armenian School in California visiting the ANCA Office in DC Minority Whip Steny Hoyer sympathizes with the Armenian people this evening on Capitol Hill, although he failed to bring the Armenian Genocide Resolution to a vote last December. What are you doing here, Steny??? Senator Robert Dole opens his speech with "First of all, Barev. Inchpes es?" The audience applauses.
U. Nigol. It's a pleasure, sir. Former ambassador to Armenia Ambassador John Evans & wife Mrs. Donna Evans here to commemorate the 96th anniversary on the Hill. Rep. Adam Schiff speaks out against America's continuing denial of the Armenian Genocide and calls for the President to use the word Genocide this April 24th.
Genocide survivor Yeretskin Sirarpi Khoyan at 106 years old here on the Hill to commemorate the Armenian Genocide "It is time to pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution."
Archbishop Oshagan Chiloyan opens the ceremony with a prayer. Former Ambasador to Armenia and wife here to commemorate the 96th anniversary of the Genocide on Capitol Hill. Capitol Hill Commemoration event about to begin... Our local HMEM scouts here to support the event.
Capitol Hill commemoration of the Armenian Genocide entrance Azeri counter-protesters chanting lies. More Armenians gathering. Beginning to chant.
Stop Azeri Aggression Azeri protestors on the other side. Armenians assembling in front of the Azeri Embassy to protest the massacres at Sumgait and Baku. DC Armenian Community beginning to organize in front of the Azerbaijani Embassy this afternoon. Protest to begin momentarily...
Photos 1 – 40 out of 40 | Back to Albums

Location: Washington, DC

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