My Javakhk Experience – U. Tamar Alexanian

After years of participating in youth seminars, attending Saturday school, sitting through Sunday church services and hearing my Medzmama’s countless stories in broken English, I finally had the opportunity this summer to visit the country I’ve felt a deep connection to since before I can remember.  On the plane ride to Armenia, I felt giddy with expectations.  At eighteen, I felt too old to be visiting for the first time; all of my other friends having already visited and feeling that deep connection to our homeland.  Finally, I now had the opportunity to go to Armenia and Javakhk to work with the underprivileged children there.

Working with the children of Javakhk was, indeed, a rewarding experience.  During that time, I worked harder than I’d ever worked before—working with the children, speaking with the parents, deciphering the dialect differences between my Armenian and theirs.  I took pictures, cut out masks, taught songs, practiced dances, and fed twenty-eight mouths for a week and a half.  I learned about rotting teeth, the lack of hygiene, and only having a few pieces of clothing.  I also learned that “waiting in line” was an impossible concept to teach.

My experience in Javakhk is an experience I will never forget for countless reasons.  But mostly because of the children that touched my lives and the AYF experience of a lifetime.

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  • Hrant Khatchadourian

    Mar 23, 2013


    Tamar, I’m glad you’re sharing your experiences with everyone and I hope it inspires others to take the first time journey as you did and help bring smiles to Javakhk Armenia’s. Opportunities like this do not come around often and I’m glad you had the chance to take part.

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