AYF Nike Dri Fit Socks On Sale by Washington, DC “Ani” Chapter!

Sireli Ungerner,

The following message is from U. Hagop Simonian, president of the Washington, DC “Ani” AYF, to all AYF senior executives. Please read, share with your membership, and consider supporting the DC chapter.

Thank you!

AYF-YOARF Central Executive

Hello all, the Washington DC Chapter is now releasing the custom Nike AYF Dri-fit socks our kids had at Junior Seminar. We will be taking bulk orders from each chapter so we ask that you collect the sizes and quantities and email us totals for sizes. Once we receive the socks we will ship them to a designated member of each chapter for distribution, so it might be easier for one person from each executive to take care of this. The price of the socks are $14. There is a size chart and attached are some pictures of the socks for those interested. We ask you send us quantities asap. Email Hsimonian1@gmail.com with orders or questions.
S 3Y–5Y 4–6
M 5Y–7Y 6–10 6–8
L 10–13 8-12
XL 12–15

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