Be Part of Camp Javakhk 2015!

Deadline March 15, Acceptance Notification: April 1

Application Link:

CAMP JAVAKHK 2015 promises to be a truly memorable and fulfilling summer experience for all Armenian youth. The Armenian Relief Society, Inc. invites all youth interested in making a difference in the lives of other Armenians and connecting with their brothers and sister in Javakhk to apply today for the counselor position at one of four summer camps taking place in the region. The camps will be from July 13-August 2 (travel dates a few days prior to camp) and offers the opportunity to experience firsthand a taste of our current and historical homeland.

This year is a turning point in our history, and as Armenians everywhere look to carve a brighter future for our nation, the Armenian youth of the Eastern USA is going to Javakhk to help do just that! This is a moment of exciting growth for this program as Camp Javakhk will be expanding to the newly built ARS Armenian Youth Center of Ninotsminda and the Dzalka region (in addition to our existing camps in Akhalkalak and Akhaltskha), to reach as many Javakhktsi children as possible. The Camp Javakhk Committee would like to call on Diasporan youth in North America and abroad to dedicate their time to teach, play and laugh with the kids of Javakhk, helping to keep alive the Armenian cultural heritage in the region.

Unfortunately all applicants may not be accepted so get your application in today! Questions or concerns should be directed to

Follow us on Facebook at for the latest news and updates, and we look forward to receiving your application!

Camp Javakhk is a program of the Armenian Relief Society, Inc.

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