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AYF Internship 2015: My Ararat, My Armenia by U. Arev Dinkjian

My Ararat, My Armenia: AYF-YOARF Internship 2015 By Ungerouhi Arev Dinkjian I’ve been on enough planes in my day to know the procedure—keep carry-on items in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, stay seated with your buckle fastened, no smoking.  After a day of flying, I walked down the aisle of another tiny Aeroflot plane, this time searching for seat 36E. It was the last leg of my trip. Two and a half more hours and

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AYF-YOARF June 2015 Calendar

This month’s AYF-YOARF Desktop Calendar is available for download! Download Calendar Here

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June is Javakhk Month!

Sireli Ungerner, We are excited to announce that June is Javakhk month! All this month, we are asking our AYF community, members, family, and friends to help us in our advocacy for Javakhk. The committee will be posting daily via social media about Javakhk history, culture, and our camp. The goal is to raise as much awareness about the situation of the Javakhk Armenians as possible, in turn encouraging everyone to make their mark on the program and

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