AYF Internship 2016: Exceeding Expectations

AYF Internship 2016: Exceeding Expectations

By U. Karoun Tcholakian

Parev from  Hayastan! The past few weeks in Armenia have been amazing! I have been doing things that I had never before imagined.

My first out-of-this-world experience was when I arrived at my Morkoor’s apartment, walked out to the balcony, and saw Mount Ararat for the first time. I had only ever known Ararat through pictures, so seeing it in person was unbelievable. I couldn’t believe that I was here, finally. My second out-of-this-world experience was when our group went to Etchmiadzin. Again, this was something I only knew through pictures.

I’ve had some awesome work experiences, like researching about safe spaces with my dear friend and ungerouhi, Rachael Minassian. We spend each day researching safe spaces around the world and how to incorporate them into Armenia. My favorite event so far has to be when Rachael and I attended a Human Rights workshop on the difficult topic of torture. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here! Guh desnevink!

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