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About the AYF

Founded in 1933, The Armenian Youth Federation is an international, non-profit, youth organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation. The AYF stands on five pillars that guide its central activities and initiatives: Educational, Hai Tahd, Social, Athletic and Cultural. The AYF also promotes a fraternal attitude of respect for ideas and individuals amongst its membership. Unity and cooperation are essential traits that allow members of the organization to work together to realize the AYF’s objectives. Nearly seventy years of organizational structure and evolution bring the AYF into the twenty-first century prepared to tackle the critical issues facing Armenians today. Inside this website, you will find more information concerning the Armenian Youth Federation and the opportunities it offers to its members.

The Aims and Purposes of the AYF-YOARF are as follows:

1. To bring together Armenian youth, to work in cooperation with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation towards the establishment of a united, free, and independent Armenia;
2. To prepare Armenian youth for future membership in the Armenian Revolutionary Federation and active involvement in the Armenian community;
3. To promote amity among all Armenians in order to engender a mutual commitment for a united, free, and independent Armenia; and
4. To foster nationalistic pride amongst all Armenian youth through educational, political, cultural, athletic, and social activities.

Our Aims for 2018:

With 2018 well on its way, the Armenian Youth Federation-Youth Organization of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (AYF-YOARF) Eastern United States Central Executive has begun its year after the conclusion of the Annual Convention and with the gathering of regional councils to set forth a plan for the year. The annual AYF-YOARF committee weekend kicked off what promises to be a year highlighting many significant memories. Councils discussed this year’s seminars, athletic games, how to optimize efficiency within our processes, the future of our junior organization, and much more.

In January, the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Armenian Youth Federation was celebrated and we look forward to continued celebrations throughout the year. In February, we will remember the victims of the massacres in Baku and Sumgait thirty years ago as well as the beginning of the Artsakh Liberation Movement. In May, we will celebrate the centennial anniversary of the First Armenian Republic, founded by the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, after victories in the battles of Sardarabad, Gharakilise, and Bash Abaran. In July we will remember our five brave Ungers who gave their lives for the Armenian Cause thirty-five years ago. With so many occasions to remember, the Central Executive, like many others, continues to reference this year as the “Year of Anniversaries.”

Understanding the importance of all of these anniversaries, the AYF-YOARF Central Executive finds it important to also focus on our present and look towards our future. The organization is in our communities to ensure that our membership will benefit from the many programs offered to both Juniors and Seniors. These programs include college scholarships, Olympic games, educational seminars, camperships for juniors to attend AYF Camp Haiastan, and international summer programs.

Each of the anniversaries mentioned is an opportunity for our organization, our members, and our community to learn and to grow. It is important to learn from our past, build on our successes, and adapt to stay involved in our current communities.
As an organization of eighty-five years, we are lucky to have traditions that have been passed down from generations before and a structure that has been built to help us thrive. The AYF-YOARF Central Executive promises to continue honoring our traditions while looking forward to new heights. We must continue to strive for more interesting and revolutionary programs to propel our message. Additionally, we must be aware of the changing world around us and do everything in our power to stay relevant within it. This year, we hope that each of our members and supporters will find one more way to express their commitment to this organization and will promise to continue working towards the betterment of this organization for the next 85 years and beyond.