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Spending Vardavar in Haiastan – U. Ani Sarajian

Do you love being drenched from head to toe all day? Is being thrown in Swan Lake or the Hrabarag fountain one of your favorite pastimes? If so, Vardavar is the holiday for you. On July 27, no one is safe from being doused in water because on this one day out of the year, Yerevan turns into a citywide, all-day-long water fight. I had always heard about Vardavar or had modified versions at Camp Haiastan, but nothing could have ever prepared me for

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Making Connections in Gogaran – U. Ani Sarajian

Arriving in the village of Gogaran, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I was a little skeptical to see how much village life differed from city life. Yerevan is quite different. I thought I had experienced culture shock coming from the United States to Yerevan; however, I had no idea how different it was going to be out in the villages. While it was nothing like that which I had become accustomed to since arriving in Armenia, I enjoyed seeing this

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Feel the Love from Haiastan – U. Ani Sarajian

June 26, 2014 So this is my first blog post. I’ve never blogged, but I’m going to try to make all of you feel the love I have for being in Armenia, even though I’ve only been here for a week and a half. Where do I even begin to describe what an amazing and exciting adventure this has been for me so far? I guess the first thing I should discuss is how hard it hit me that I’m finally in Armenia, when I drove extremely close to Mt. Ararat I

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