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Camp Javakhk 2015: Bachig Battlefield by U. Carnie Armenian

Camp Javakhk: Bachig Battlefield  By U. Carnie Armenian It didn't click to me until our first flag raising at camp Dzalka, a village on the path most commonly traveled by cows and chickens, that myself and my co-counselors were about to be responsible for the happiness and education for more than 100 children.  From the moment we realized that many of our campers did not know our national anthem, let alone to read or write in any language, we

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AYF Senior Seminar: Armenian Youth Standing In Unity for Artsakh

The five pillars of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) represent the goals and importance of the organization: Cultural, Educational, Political, Social, and Athletics.  The weekend of October 4-6, 2013, over ninety participants from across Eastern region, along with members from Montreal and Florida, convened at AYF’s Camp Haiastan at AYF Senior Seminar 2013: Stand Up, Stand Together for Artsakh. Without a doubt, it is always heart-warming to

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Working in Yerevan – U. Kyle Dinkjian

One of my reservations about applying to and going on the AYF-YOARF Internship was that I wasn’t sure how relevant the work I’d be doing would be to my major.  Economics is abstract enough as it is, and I didn’t know whether applying to the Internship signaled that I am taking the summer off from business studies and growth to be placed in something like working at an orphanage or not.  No matter how satisfying something like that may be,

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