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Why I had to go back to Javakhk – U. Adam Aktchian

Being a counselor for Camp Javakhk twice has given me two totally different experiences. The first time was more of a self evaluation and discovery of my people in the diaspora other than the place I call home. Connecting with the local people showed me that these total strangers had the ability to love me as their own just because the blood in our veins endured the same history. My fist year as a counselor really helped me understand the true meaning

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Their Legacy Lives on in Javakhk – U. Patil Aslanian

In 2011, U. Verginie and I had the opportunity to visit Javakhk as part of the Armenian Youth Federation Western Region Youth Corps program. This year we both had the privilege of participating in Armenian Relief Society Camp Javakhk program that is modeled after Youth Corps. The idea is to provide underprivileged Armenian kids with the opportunity to learn Armenian history, songs, folk dances, English, and importance of hygiene through a summer

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The Agoomp – U. Verginie Touloumian

After being uprooted from ancestral lands for various reasons, Armenian refugees were scattered and formed an Armenian diaspora. In order to ensure that the Armenian’s in these newly formed communities stayed together one of the fundamental steps was to unite them by creating Armenian Centers [Ակումբ-Agoomp] for them to collectively spend time together. These centers were made up of three pillars: national, moral, and ideological ideals.

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