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Hundreds of ARF members, ARF Youth and students gathered to remember Unger Simon Zavarian in his birthplace of Aygehad village in Lori. Father Baghlian pointed out that the large number of young Armenians in attendance proves that the national spirit, which Zavarian embodied, will be an indivisible part of our lives to continue to realize the aspirations of the great leader. At the conclusion of the memorial, several individuals joined the ranks of the ARF and the ARF Youth organization. Source: Asbarez News The Ottoman Turkish Empire captured The Armenian village of Kars 95 years ago, today. In 1913, 10200 Armenians co-inhabited the village with 900 Turks. Today one of our historic Armenian capitals is occupied by 78000 Turks. The Armenian Church of Holy Apostles, 10th c, now serves as a mosque. #Armenian #AYF #Ungers Boo! Happy Halloween from the Providence Armenians! AYF Juniors and Seniors celebrated with members of our sister organization, Homenetmen, last week. #AYF #ungers #Armenian #halloween Who's coming?! All ages are welcome! #AYF #ungers #Armenian #halloween
բառ խաղ A sneak peak of tonight's Boston Nejdeh Juniors' creative costumes #AYF #Armenian #ungers ԱԲԳ The articles and circulars that have been written on this typewriter resting in our ARF regional office #Armenian #AYF #Ungers #typewriter Everyone has a place to call home, we have Armenia. Դեպի երկիր #AYF #Armenian #Ungers Gravestones from the Russian-Armenian Christian cemetery were used to renovate roads in Baku. After the rain washed the surface stones away, it became clear that our gravestones lied beneath. In 2002, the Azerbaijani military destroyed 3000 Armenian cross-stones recognized a cultural heritage by UNESCO and in 2005 they again hammered and broke the last of our khachkars and tossed them in to the Araks River, also in 2007 the burial ground for Russian-Armenians was destroyed. What's going to happen next in Azerbaijan? #Armenian #thegenocidecontinues
դէպի երկիր #Armenian #thenakedtruth AYF: Moral, social, and intellectual advancement of Armenian youth guided through Political, Educational, Cultural, Athletic, and Social activity striving towards a Free, Independent, and united Armenia. #Armenian #AYF #Ungers 'The Turkish Weapon is Time.' -Unger Levon Attarian Our fedayis, our veterans. The flag reads, 'Liberty or Death,' captured in Western Armenia between 1890-96 #Armenian #Ungers
Close your eyes, we're taking a picture! Senior Seminar flashbacks. #AYF #ungers #Armenian #SeniorSeminar 'The truth is that Turkey has not yet accepted the fact that the Armenians were cut off from their historical roots and their motherland in 1915.' -Hasan Cemal, Turkish journalist, writer, and grandson of Jemal Pasha, one of the leading perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish newspaper, Milliyet, suspended and refuses to publish Cemal's work after the Turkish Prime minister criticized his work. #Armenia #Turkey #Genocide #Milliyet #truth #crime #Armenia New England Juniors convene at the highest body of the junior organization, AYF JUNIOR CONVENTION. 2013. 14 Juniors, 2 Transfers, 8 Seniors. #Armenian #AYF #ungers
AYF New England JUNIOR CONVENTION 2013. Members evaluated the past year, set goals for the future, and discussed upcoming events and improvements to make. 'The time is now, the power is ours' #Armenia #Armenian #ungers #AYF #JuniorConvention You can take the Ungers out of Armenia, but you can't take Armenia out of the Ungers. Great gear at AYF Junior Convention! #Armenia #Armenian #AYF #Ungers The Washington D.C. Chapter is establishing a new tradition: 20 seniors gathered at the Soorp Khatch Armenian Church-Arabian Hall over the weekend for their first chapter potluck dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving and remind each other to be thankful for what we have. #Armenian #ungers #thanksgiving 'A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on' -John F. Kennedy #JFK #Armenian #AYF #ungers #ARF #Armenia
Ռուբէն Հախվերդեան Արցախի շարժման 25 ամեակին նուիրուած ձեռնարկ Ruben Hakhverdyan Sat 11-23-13 7pm cocktails 7:30pm concert dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Artsakh's Liberation $40 (inc. next week's Nov. Dance) ACEC 47 Nichols Ave, Watertown, MA #Armenian #AYF #ARF #Armenia #ungers #music Boston 'Nejdeh' Juniors helping with AYF Camp Haiastan's Holiday envelops. Keep an eye out in the mail! #Armenian #Armenia #AYF #ungers Boston 'Nejdeh' juniors at a heated game of Jeopardy. The categories, the 5 pillars of our great organization: Political, Educational, Athletic, Cultural, Social. Contact CJC for the PowerPoint to play too! #AYF #ungers #Armenian The Cyprus Committee Seal (ca. 1900) found in the 'History of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation- Dashnaktsutiun' by Hratch Dasnabedian #Armenian #Armenia #Cyprus #Ungers #AYF #ARF
բարի տարեդարձ Մոնթէ Մելքոնեան! Happy Birthday Monte Melkonian! (November 25, 1957 – June 12, 1993) American-born Armenian commander during the Nagorno-Karabakh War, Melkonian had no prior service before being placed in command of an estimated 4,000 men. Described as an all-American child who joined the Boy Scouts and was a pitcher in Little League baseball, his parents rarely talked about their Armenian heritage with their children but his interest in his background sparked at the age of 11, when his family went on a year-long trip to Europe, including Turkey to visit the town of Merzifon, where Melkonian's maternal grandparents were from. Merzifon's population at the time was 23,475 but was almost completely devoid of its once 17,000-strong Armenian population was wiped out during the Armenian Genocide in 1915. They found one Armenian family of the three that was living in the town, however, Melkonian soon learned that the only reason this was so, was because the head of the family in 1915 had exchanged the safety of his family in return for identifying the Armenians in the town to Turkish authorities during the genocide. Monte would later confide to his wife that "he was never the same after that visit...He saw the place that had been lost." Monte was buried with full military honors on June 19, 1993 at Yerablur military cemetery in Yerevan, Armenia. #Armenia #Artsakh #ungers Արիւնոտ դրօշ վեհ Դաշնակցութեան, Ծածանեց ընդդէմ բռնակալութեան: Սիրենք միութիւն,չանենք վատութիւն, Մի՛շտ բարձր պահենք Հ.Յ.Դ անուն։ Arunod trosh veh Tashnagtsoutian Dzadzani untem prnagaloutian. Sirenk miyoutioun, chanenk vadoutioun, Mishd partsr bahenk “HO. HEE. TA.” Anoun. #Armenian #Armenia #Ungers #AYF #ARF Thank you. Yerakouyn Band at Senior Seminar. Catch them tonight at Boston Nejdeh's annual November Dance! #AYF #ungers #Armenian
The First Republic of Armenia [Հայաստանի Հանրապետութիւն], under the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, was conquered by the Soviet Red Army on December 2, 1920 while Unger Simon Vratsian (student of Law, Editor of Harach, Horizon, Hairenik, and Droshak, jailed by the Ottomans as a Russian spy, and Bureau member) served as Prime Minister. The Declaration of the First Republic of Armenia stated that the Republic was to be a self-governing state, endowed with a constitution, the supremacy of state authority, independence, sovereignty, and plenipotentiary power. The country's first state university was founded under the First Republic. The Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic [Հայկական Սովետական Սոցիալիստական Հանրապետութիւն] was one of the fifteen republics that made up the Soviet Union when the largely agricultural economy transformed to an industrial production center ending September 21, 1991. #Armenia #ARF #Independence photo: The Soviet 11th Ref Army enters Yerevan in 1920, effectively ending Armenian self-rule The demonstration attended by around 1,000 marks the biggest expression of public protest yet against President Sarkisian’s controversial decision to make Armenia part of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Participants regard the integration as a prelude to the restoration of the Soviet Union allegedly sought by Putin. At the press conference following this meeting, Putin vowed that Russia would do everything in its power to ensure Armenia’s membership in the Customs Union, saying that all steps had been taken toward that goal. Putin is confident that Armenia’s accession to the Eurasian integration project “would seriously strengthen its economic potential, improve the investment climate and promote direct business contacts, including those between regions.” In his remarks, Putin also discussed the ongoing Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and the role Russia plays in the security of the region. He addressed Azerbaijan’s military threats against Armenia head on saying in the event of resumption of war, “Conditions for a peaceful resolution will be reduced, and other means of resolving the conflict will be reinforced.” emphasizing that it would be counterproductive to speak about what Russia will do if war resumes. The crowd chanted “Free, independent Armenia.” [Azatutyun, Asbarez] #Armenia #CurrentEvents #Assimilation A page from the Providence, Rhode Island 'Varantian' junior chapter records. Attendance and minutes continue to be documented in the same journal used since 1992. We even found an ARF Central Committee member's information! #Armenian #Armenia #AYF #Ungers Flashback to Junior Convention! Seniors, are you ready for 2013 Convention? 80th ANNUAL AYF-YOARF CONVENTION to take place Dec 26-30 in Worcester, MA #Armenian #Armenia #Convention2013 #AYF #Ungers
We pause to remember the 25th anniversary and 25,000 deceased of the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Spitak. Measuring 50 miles in diameter, the quake displaced thousands of families, and without prompt aid from the Soviet Union, further deepened Armenia's isolation. Years later, many still live in metal shelters on the outskirts of the city of Gyumri. #Armenia #Spitak #Earthquake #25years #survivors #Gyumri Join the discussion happening right now via twitter using hashtag #Spitak to discuss earthquakes globally! #25years #Armenia #Earthquake Փրովիտենս «Քրիստափոր» Կոմիտէի տարեկան խրախճանք: 170 celebrated with the Providence Krisdapor ARF yesterday in an evening of traditional Armenian entertainment and culture #Armenian #ARF #ungers #AYF #armstagram A little bit of power fruit to help our ungers through finals! նուռ: the symbol of #Armenia #Armenian #Ungers
Meet Galya, Stepanakert resident and caretaker of Artsakh's military museum who has devoted herself to honoring her fallen son, one of our many lost soldiers. #SeniorSeminar #AYF #Artsakh #Ungers A snapshot from our ungers at yesterday's protest against Davutoglu's visit in Armenia. Armenians gathered in Republic Square to remind Turkey and the international community that Armenia demands recognition and reparations of the Armenian Genocide. #AYF #Armenia #protest #Turkey #Genocide #truth Got the winter blues? Are you ready for AYF-YOARF OLYMPICS 2014 in Detroit this summer? #AYF #AYFOlympics #Ungers #Armenian Send us pictures of your favorite AYF moments using the new Instagram Direct feature! We will post a few of the best ones we get! Make sure to tag and identify where & when the picture was taken. Stay tuned! #AYF #ungers #AYFDirect #Armenian
Team Huddle! The winner of our first #AYFDirect goes to Boston's Meghri Dervartanian: JWO 2013 #JWO #Armenian #Ungers #AYF Կանգնել է նա արեւի դէմ, Որպէս թախիծ ու խղճի սիւն, Կանգնել է նա դարերի դէմ, Որպէս խաչուած գեղեցկութիւն… -Վահագն Դաւթեան («Խաչքար» բանաստեղծութենէն) A khachkar, also known as Armenian cross-stones (Armenian: խաչքար – խաչ= cross + քար=stone) is a carved, memorial stele bearing a cross, and often with additional motifs such as rosettes, interlaces, and botanical motifs. Khachkars are characteristic of Medieval Christian Armenian art. Since 2010, khachkars, their symbolism and craftsmanship are inscribed in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Photograph taken at master cross-stone maker Varazdat Hambartsumyan’s Yerevan workshop. #Armenian #Armenia #khachkar 'Providence Power' Rebecca Rafaelian of Providence, RI (right) races to victory in the 100 ahead of Framingham's Arline Balekdjian. Rebecca ended with 11 points for the younger girls, one ahead of Arlene. 1980 Olympics #AYF #ungers #Armenian Miss Armenian: Yes, this is a Miss Armenian pageant fundraiser the AYF sponsored in the 1980s #WomenCrushWednesday #wcw #AYF #ungers #ungerouhis #Armenian
'The revolution started in 1890, was passed on in 1933, and has not stopped since. We live on and move forward.' Another winner from last week's #AYFDirect sent in by Boston's Unger Garin Parseghian. Ungers from coast to coast, photo from Convention 2011. #AYFYOARF #ARF #AYF #ungers Hrayr Torkom Maroukhian (Dec 19, 1928-Dec 21, 1998) served on Bureau for 35 years. Born in Kermanshah, Iran he graduated from the Mechanical Engineering faculty at Iran’s State University and later established his own engineering firm. In 1963, as the representative of Northern Iran’s ARF-D Central Committee, Hrayr Maroukhian took part in the ARF-D’s 18th World Congress, a very significant one in ARF-D history because it called for generation change. The generation of Tro, Navasartian and Vratsian were replaced by younger members born and raised in the Diaspora. As one of the most prominent faces of that generation, Hrayr Maroukhian was elected to the Bureau of the ARF-D and re-elected in 1967 and in 1972. At the 20th World Congress of the ARF-D in 1988, which re-evaluated the party’s policies of the past quarter century and set a new agenda, Maroukhian was elected chairman. He would continually be re-elected to that position until his death in 1998. Maroukhian and ARF-D banned from Armenia in 1992, a day before the World Congress was to take place, was a shock of its violation of human rights and authoritarian practices of the Soviet Era. Maroukhian held an active presence on Armenia’s political stage, in the struggle for freedom in Artsakh and in Armenia’s national renaissance, centering upon the motto "Tebi Yergir." It had been Maroukhian’s dream to live in Armenia and to devote his life to the mission of further strengthening the newly independent Armenian state. But fate dictated that he would return to the homeland only in death. Hrayr Maroukhian’s dedication and committment to the Armenian people, to the empowerment of the newly independent Republic of Armenia and for the right to self-determination of the people of Artsakh, will always be revered and remembered, not only by the ARF-D but by the Armenian nation. #Armenian #AYF #AYFYOARF #ARF #Ungers #Armenia This week's theme is AYF ROAD TRIPS! Send us pictures of your favorite moments caught on a road trip to/from an AYF Road trip using the new Instagram Direct feature! We will post a few of the best ones we get! Make sure to identify where and when the picture was taken. Stay tuned! #AYF #ungers #AYFDirect #Armenian There's no place like home: the National Coat of Arms of Armenia <<Հայաստանի զինանշանը>> An eagle and a lion hold the shield which depicts an image of Mount Ararat with Noah's Ark resting atop and images of our ancient dynasties surrounding it. The 5 elements: The sword represents the power and strength of the nation, breaking the chains of oppression. The broken chain: efforts shown by the nation to gain freedom and independence. The wheat representing the hard working nature of the Armenian people. The feather: intellectual and cultural heritage. And the ribbon represents the colors of our flag. #Armenian #Armenia
One of our most genuine #AYFDirect messages- sent in by Chicago's Ungerouhi Audrey Mardoian. Unger Adam picked up Ungerouhis Haigan and Audrey, who arrived to Watertown following Junior Seminar, to take them to AYF Camp Cleanup Weekend! Despite the constant rain the 3, along with other members, helped prepare #AYFCampHaiastan for the upcoming sessions. Wonderful dedication ungers! #AYFYOARF #ungers #Armenia #Armenian Thanks for the #AYFDirect, Unger Adam Aktchian (Providence, RI). A follow-up from yesterday's road trip competition: the ungers at the rainy #AYFCampHaiastan Cleanup pose with Thor's Hammer. #boysplaygirlswork #AYFYOARF #ungers #Armenian #Armenia #newprovijersydence Our #AYFDirect Christmas card sent in by the AYF San Francisco Rosdom chapter. 'For when two of them [Armenians] meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a new Armenia.' -W. Saroyan #AYFYOARF #Ungers #TriRegional #Armenian #Armenia #CoastToCoast ԱՆԴԱՄԱՏԵՏՐ Հ.Յ.Դ. Լիբանանի Պատանեկան Միութեան Պէյրութ – 1964 Juniors/Badanee ID Booklet printed in Beirut in 1964, belonging to a member in Anjar. Spotted in Yerevan! #ARFYOARF #Armenian #Armenia #Ungers
To all of our delegates and observers at AYFYOARF Convention, send us your favorite snapshots from the weekend via #AYFDirect! We can't wait to see and share your experiences. #AYFYOARF #Armenian #ungers The 34th AYF Convention! 1967 AYF Convention in Montreal: when East Coast, West Coast, and Canada were all one region. #AYF #AYFYOARF #ungers #Armenia #Armenian You've got mail: Armenia Lives. Pen pal program between the East and West Coast Juniors/Badanees starting soon! #PostageStamp #Armenia #Armenian #PenPals #CoasttoCoast #Ungers #AYFYOARF «Պատրաստուած է Հայաստանում» "Made in Armenia" Armenia is becoming environmentally conscious: Locally handmade, preservative-free, fresh, and green in a smoke-free environment. #Armenian #Armenia #green
Շնորհաւոր Նոր Տարի ընկերներ եւ Ձեր ծնունդը շնորհաւոր՝ Սպարապետ ջան: Happy New Years comrades and Happy Birthday unger (General) Nejdeh! #AYFYOARF #Ungers #Armenian #Armenia The beauty of Armenia is in its imperfections #Armenia #Armenian 'Revived Armenia': The Armenian eternity sign appears on this 1965 monument at the top of Yerevan's Cascade. Two of 9 eternity signs on the 50m tall monument. #Armenia #Armenian On the streets of Armenia. Lisbon 5: to bring light to the Turkish government's denial of the Armenian Genocide, 1983. #Armenian #Armenia #ungers #Genocide #Turkey #truth #crime