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AYF Internship: Reflecting on Internship at Orran

By U. Ani Bournazian

Before stepping foot in Orran, I was anxious about how this internship would unfold. All I could think about was my language barrier, unsure how I would be able to help impact these children from underprivileged families.

As soon as I entered their doors, my fellow interns and I were taken in with open arms. Every day I walk in, I am greeted by children with hugs and kisses. Throughout the time I have spent with these children, I have realized how much potential they have. I often go home with gifts they have made me during class.

One day in a younger group classroom, with ages ranging from 6 to 8, I was helping the children make bracelets. I offered the bracelet I made to a little girl. She took it, put it around my wrist and proceeded with pulling out a little ring from her pocket.

“These are for you to have,” she told me in Armenian.

At this point, I realized that no matter how much or how little they have, the children at Orran always give what they have to make their peers and ungers happy.

Over the past month, I have spent valuable time with these children, learning from them as much as I have taught and instructed. I have realized that being physically present five days a week is satisfying on the surface, but in reality they need much more help. I feel obligated to give back after my experience with the children and community of Orran, by providing them with essentials, such as outfits, new pairs of shoes or basic school supplies for the upcoming year! Your donations will contribute to building happy and successful youth in Armenia.


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