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AYF Internship: Gaining Career Experience with ONEArmenia

AYF Internship: Gaining Career Experience with ONEArmenia

By U. Vartenie Kachichian

This whole year I had been looking forward to applying to the AYF Internship program, making plans for my summer in Armenia even before the applications were up. My plans and dream to live in Yerevan came true, and I was accepted into the program. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect while I was here because the last time I visited Armenia in 2010 I only spent three or four days in the city of Yerevan. I just graduated from Kean University, and I knew that these next few months of my life were meant to figure out what exactly I want to do with my future. For years I have wanted to be an event planner, but once I graduated I had so many questions and doubts. I just kept thinking: Was that really the right career for me?

I have been interning at ONEArmenia, which is a nonprofit organization located in Yerevan and New York. Recently, they have been planning their biggest event they’ve ever hosted in Armenia. I had the privilege to be on the team that was in charge of planning and executing this fundraiser. The event was to raise money to build green houses in the Tavush region, and it went extremely well. We invited different people to attend our 1920s (Great Gatsby) party, where everyone was told to come dressed according to the theme. We had live singing, Charleston style dancing by a local dance group, a photo booth, and a raffle.

It was difficult executing this event in such a short period of time, but with such a driven team anything was possible. I automatically felt part of ONEArmenia’s little family and truly enjoyed planning this event. Although things got a bit hectic and stressful at times, I now have the confidence that the field of event planning really is a good fit for me.

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