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March AYF Members of the Month


As previously mentioned, a goal of this years Public Relations Committee is to involve its membership and shine a spotlight on those who have worked hard in their personal lives and within the Armenian Community. The PR Committee is pleased to announce the March Members of the Month

U. Aram Cholakian

Detroit “Kopernik Tandourjian” Chapter

U. Aram Cholakian is our chapter’s member of the month! Aram is an active member who has stepped up this year to keep our chapter strong. He has attended meetings, organized basketball practices, and helped lead our chapter’s boys team to 1st place at NATs. He helps motivate other members to come to meetings, events, and stay involved. One of Aram’s goals for 2017 was to stay involved, and so far he has stepped up in doing this. We are proud and lucky to have him as a member of our chapter and look forward to seeing what else he will contribute to our chapter this year!

U. Nadya Mahdasian

Racine “Armen Garo” Chapter

U. Nadya has been in AYF for three years and holds the role of our Corresponding Secretary for the second year in a row. She fulfills her duties in a timely manner and has a good understanding of the role. She participates noticeably and actively during meetings, makes an effort to attend all regional events even when others do not, and in general is a model AYF junior member. (She also is an accomplished musician and has a solo in Band).

U. Harout Tashian

Providence “Varantian” Chapter

U. Harout Tashian has been an active AYF member since he has been a junior. Throughout the past few years, U.Harout has even served on the Central Athletic Committee. This year he is the chairman of the Central Athletic Committee and ran a successful Junior Winter Olympics. He is someone you can always count on and we’re happy to have him as a “Hey John Kid”.

U. Anna-Marie Danayan

Providence “Varantian” Chapter

U. Anna- Marie Danayan has always been an active senior member. She has gone to several educational weekends, participates in meetings and has competed in Senior Olympics. Anna-Marie is an exceptional Providence AYF member and we always look forward to what new information she will bring to our meetings.

 U. Anahid Donoyan

Providence “Varantian” Chapter

U. Anahid Donoyan has been in the AYF for five years. She has also been the juniors president for the past two years. She always leads by example and participates in every fundraiser, meeting and regional event. This year Anahid will be giving a speech on behalf of the youth at Cranston City Hall for an April 24th flag raising.

U. Mel Almasian

North Andover “Sassoun” Chapter

U. Mel Almasian provided great leadership for our chapter during Junior Winter Olympics. At JWO, she led the girls to a first place finish in basketball and helped the North Andover chapter finish in second place as a whole. Her enthusiasm is intoxicating and provides great excitement for all things AYF in North Andover.


All executives are encouraged to send their Members of the Month. Remember to include a short blurb and photo.

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