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Meet the Interns (Part III)

Kyle Dinkjian

PictureMy name is Kyle Dinkjian. I am a 22 year old Armenian originally from New Jersey. My father is a musician and my mother is a teacher. I have two sisters, one of whom is a teacher, and the other a student at Providence College. For the past four years, I attended Bentley University in Waltham, Massacusetts, where I studied economics and law. I graduated recently just this past May. My post-graduation plans are still up in the air at this point, but I would like for my career to begin in the Boston area. I am a proud and what I would consider active Armenian in the AYF community. I have also dedicated most of my life to Camp Haiastan in Franklin, MA. I enjoy comedy, eating, and break dance fighting. I have also been asked to be on the U.S. Olympic Foosball team and have been trained by expert Armenian dedes the proper way of playing tavloo.

Nairi Khachatourian

PictureMy name is Nairi Khachatourian. Raised in Boston, I have surrounded myself with the Armenian community. Here I have found my niche to be with children, be it teaching at the Armenian elementary school, nannying, or advising the AYF-YOARF juniors of Boston. I am currently the vice president of the Greater Boston “Nejdeh” AYF-YOARF chapter, studying to get my Master’s degree in Elementary Education, the AYF Central Executive’s secretary, and a nanny of two young girls. With my current experience in teaching, I am extremely excited to further delve into the educational institutions of Armenia to not only gain experience and knowledge for my future career but also, more importantly, to eventually help strengthen education in Armenia. I hope to learn from the institutions I have the opportunity to be a part of this summer in Armenia, while also being able to share my existing knowledge from my teaching experiences. Additionally, considering the large student involvement in the latest elections, I am very eager to learn about student interaction and student life in all scopes in and out of the classroom.