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Central Committees

AYF-YOARF Eastern Region USA / Central Committees

Regional Committees


  • Central Junior Committee:


The Central Junior Committee is devoted to planning successful social and education events for junior-status members of AYF Eastern region. It is historically proven that junior members are the future leaders of our tight-knit community; therefore a heavy emphasis is applied on keeping juniors active and contributing members of the organization. These future change-makers will one day lead the AYF, passing along the deeply instilled Armenian traditions and lessons, largely made possible by the events coordinated by the Central Junior Committee. Such events include but are not limited to: Junior Winter Olympics (JWO), Junior Athletic Games (JAG), Junior Summer Olympics, Armenian Educational Weekend (ACE), and Junior Conferences.


  • Public Relations Committee


The Public Relations Committee is dedicated to serving the entirety of AYF East, including current members and alum, with relevant news, events, and facts regarding the organization. Focused on disseminating personally-designed communication headlines through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, this year the Public Relations Committee will take on a much more hands-on approach and focus on the varying audience-based interests between each social media channel. Each member on the Public Relations Committee has professional experience within the media and design fields, optimizing the team’s success to communicate messages effectively.


  • Central Hai Tahd Committee


The Central Hai Tahd Committee is responsible for the participation of AYF East within political affairs and advocacy. “Hai Tahd” refers to all work relevant to the Armenian cause; hence the committee’s heavy involvement through grassroots efforts and educational content. The Central Hai Tahd Committee is focused on immersion through political activism, which strengths the dynamic of what it means to be an AYF member and supporter. The committee works particularly closely with the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), the largest and most influential Armenian grassroots political organization in the United States.


  • Webteam / Central Membership Council


This year, the Webteam Committee and the Central Membership Committee have combined forces to create and maintain the brand new AYF website. They are also implementing a new membership management system with hopes to interact with all AYF members and alum, encouraging inactive members and supporters to become involved again. The Webteam / Central Membership Committee is composed of technologically savvy, organized leaders that are dedicated to the implementation, upkeep, and user-interaction analysis of the new AYF website, in addition to overseeing AYF East chapters.


  • Central Educational Council


The Central Educational Council is dedicated to the organization of educational programs across the entirely of the AYF Eastern region. In 2018, their goal is to completely reevaluate, revamp, and strengthen the educational program model, in addition to organizing Senior Seminar. The total remodeling of the education programs presents opportunities for fresh ideas, experimentation, and exciting new projects. Keep in touch with your local fieldworker for the latest information on the Central Educational Council’s current plans and activities!


  • AYF Internship Committee


The Internship Committee is enthusiastically devoted to planning successful and unforgettable summers in Armenia for AYF interns. Both the Internship Committee and annual Internship Director ensure the proper placement of each intern within their respective fields, locate central housing for the entire duration of the program, and plan weekly excursions for the volunteers to explore the vast countryside of Armenia. With opportunities to attend educational lectures, interact with local civilians daily, and visit holy sites and historic battlefields, the internship is nothing short of an enriching experience. Further information regarding the AYF internship can be found on the AYF East Instagram page and the AYF internship in Armenia Facebook page.