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Junior Seminar

AYF-YOARF Eastern Region USA / Junior Seminar

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The Armenian Youth Federation (AYF-YOARF)’s Junior Seminar Council has begun to prepare for Junior Seminar 2022. Junior Seminar is the largest AYF junior event in the region, with more than 250 Junior participants from throughout the United States. During the four-day, three-night event, participants partake in an array of educational, cultural, and social activities. Though the focus of the weekend is educational, the Juniors are given several hours during the day to socialize and utilize the camp’s athletic facilities. Areas and supplies for basketball, volleyball, disc golf, and soccer are available. In addition, the Junior Seminar Council plans a social activity for each evening.

The educational program consists of a set of eight lectures specially geared to the participants’ age groups. Topics span from Armenian culture to current events. The presentations are geared to relay information to the participants about topics such as Artsakh and Javakhk, to encourage discussion about topics such as what’s next for the AYF or the Armenian Diaspora. Lecturers travel from around the country in order to present to the Junior Seminar participants.

The AYF works very hard to ensure that all Junior Seminar participants have a fun, educational, and safe weekend. The Junior Seminar is supervised by a staff of more than 50 AYF senior members and alumni advisors. Each cabin of 6 – 8 junior participants is assigned 2 senior counselors for the weekend. These counselors accompany the junior participants to activities and supervise them throughout the weekend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junior Seminar?
Junior Seminar is an opportunity for Juniors from the Eastern Region to meet and take part in an educational program. We have come a long way since 1971, our attendance growing over five times its original size of 80 participants.

Why is Junior Seminar so important?
Junior Seminar is important for many reasons. Foremost though, it provides Junior and Senior participants with educational, cultural, and social activities that are geared towards creating a fraternal Armenian atmosphere for all members.

The AYF provides Armenian youth with a wide variety of activities as a way to foster pride in their heritage and prepare them for future work in the Armenian community. Junior Seminar is one of the best examples of this in our organization.

What will the Juniors be doing exactly?
During the course of the weekend, the Juniors will be attending educationals with free time in between. In addition to the educational and free periods during the day, a “night activity” is planned for the evening. Juniors are under constant adult supervision during the weekend. Two counselors are present during lectures, free time, meals and at night in the cabins.

Where and when is Junior Seminar?
Junior Seminar is held at Camp Kon-O-Kwee in Fombell, Pennsylvania during Memorial Day weekend. In addition to its fine facilities, the camp is centrally located.

Where do the participants sleep?
Juniors are divided into three age groups: younger, middle, and older. Each cabin consists of 6-8 Juniors from one age group. Two counselors are assigned to the cabin.

What should I bring?
Everyone needs to bring clothes for both warm and cold weather (it gets chilly at night), toiletries for showering, a sleeping bag, and rain gear. The Junior Seminar Council provides a list of things to bring for participants.

How do I get to Junior Seminar?
Transportation to the Seminar will be organized by local chapters. Juniors should be notified by their Junior Advisors and Central Junior Council fieldworker as soon as this information is available. Hopefully, chapters have been fundraising to defray the costs of transportation.

For further information, please e-mail the organizing committee at We look forward to seeing all of our youth Memorial Day Weekend!