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Senior Olympics

AYF-YOARF Eastern Region USA / Senior Olympics

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The Worcester “Aram” Chapter is hosting the 2021 AYF Senior Olympics by “Bringing it back to where it all began”. We are super excited to be hosting this event in the heart of Massachusetts. It will be 47 years since our last Olympics and the entire Worcester community is looking forward to welcoming generations of AYF’ers and AYF supporters to this premier event full of sportsmanship and fraternalism.

Sportsmanship and fraternalism are two very important pillars of our organization, so seniors, aim for the gold! But most importantly, enjoy participating in the games as this is your time to shine & truly experience what Sr. Olympics is all about!

The Worcester Steering Committee has been working hard to ensure that the 2021 Olympics will be the biggest and most desirable Olympics to attend! We have prime athletic facilities, two great hotels, and a must-see entertainment line-up!

Come join us to celebrate our traditions and our culture in this historically important location.

Worcester is located 50 miles west of Boston and is easily accessible via multiple airports.