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AYF Senior Seminar: Armenian Youth Standing In Unity for Artsakh

The five pillars of the Armenian Youth Federation (AYF) represent the goals and importance of the organization: Cultural, Educational, Political, Social, and Athletics.  The weekend of October 4-6, 2013, over ninety participants from across Eastern region, along with members from Montreal and Florida, convened at AYF’s Camp Haiastan at AYF Senior Seminar 2013: Stand Up, Stand Together for Artsakh. Without a doubt, it is always heart-warming to

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Senior Seminar: Stand Up, Stand Together For Artsakh on Oct. 4

What: AYF Senior Seminar When: Oct 4 - 6, 2013 Where: Camp Haiastan  Hosted by Central Educational Council CEC would like to take this opportunity to inform all chapters of this year’s AYF-YOARF annual Senior Seminar. We are proud to announce it will take place October 4-October 6, 2013 at Camp Haiastan in Franklin, MA. This year's theme will be "Stand Up, Stand Together For Artsakh." Lecturers will include: U. Mourad Topalian of West Coast

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Senior Olympics Applications are now available!

Register now for Senior Olympics! You must first register for an account and then visit Applications to register. For more information on Senior Olympics in Washington DC, visit www.ayfolympics.org.

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