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    June is Javakhk Month!

    Sireli Ungerner, We are excited to announce that June is Javakhk month! All this month, we are asking our AYF community, members, family, and friends to help us in our advocacy for Javakhk. The committee will be posting daily via

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  • adam

    Why I had to go back to Javakhk – U. Adam Aktchian

    Being a counselor for Camp Javakhk twice has given me two totally different experiences. The first time was more of a self evaluation and discovery of my people in the diaspora other than the place I call home. Connecting with the

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  • Javakhk background

    Be Part of Camp Javakhk 2015!

    Deadline March 15, Acceptance Notification: April 1 Application Link: http://bit.ly/1hmjFTc CAMP JAVAKHK 2015 promises to be a truly memorable and fulfilling summer experience for all Armenian youth. The Armenian Relief Society,

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  • Lori Javakhk

    Տուն Ունիմ Ջաւախքի Մէջ (I Have…

    August 23, 2014 Ինքնաշարժէն դուրս նայեցայ եւ հոյակապ բնութիւնը տեսայ։ Արդէն Ջաւախք հասած էինք։ Տուեալ որ իմ առաջին այցելութիւնս էր, Ջաւախքն

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  • Dalita Javakhk

    AYF Interns Visit Camp Javakhk – U. Dalita Getzoyan

    AYF Interns Visit Camp Javakhk By Dalita Getzoyan On Saturday, July 19, we visited Camp Javakhk! We were very fortunate to have this experience and we were also very happy to see what has been accomplished in this region. In 2012,

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  • Karin Komshian Javakhk

    A Day at Camp Javakhk – U. Karin Yeni-Komshian

    We started off the third day of Camp Javakhk by taking the campers to the field where we taught them a new Armenian dance. They learned the shoorchbar dance very quickly so after heating up outside, we went back in for a painting

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  • Vahe Boghosian Javakhk

    Nothing Better Than Camp Javakhk – U. Vahe Boghosian

    A small centre – the right side children, the left side parents – in the middle with a nervous counselor, myself. Welcome to the first day of Camp Javakhk. It only took a few minutes in the same room with 30 eight to thirteen

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    Reflections from Our First Day – U. Haigan Tcholakian

    Mornings in Akhalkalak are nothing short of incredible. Everyone should be so lucky as to wake up to a mountain topped with lush, green trees, fedbanir, hatz, havgit, mees, and tea by a lively Russian woman who hardly speaks Armenian

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  • Javakhk background

    Donate to Camp Javakhk 2014 Today!

    The 2014 Camp Javakhk Program is set to take place in July. The Central Camp Javakhk Committee has camps set for Akhaltskha and Akhalkalak to welcome 200 Javakhktsi youth this summer. Each year we make an effort to take in more campers

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    Their Legacy Lives on in Javakhk – U. Patil…

    In 2011, U. Verginie and I had the opportunity to visit Javakhk as part of the Armenian Youth Federation Western Region Youth Corps program. This year we both had the privilege of participating in Armenian Relief Society Camp Javakhk

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