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    Camp Javakhk Applications Now Available!

    Direct link to the application: Javakhk Application More information on the Javakhk Jampar here: Camp Javakhk Information

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  • javakhk5

    Camp Javakhk: A 5-Star Experience

    Camp Javakhk: A 5-Star Experience By U. Ani Bournazian I, like many of the AYF interns this past summer, was confused on what exactly to expect when agreeing to be a counselor at Camp Javakhk. Given this summer was my first time

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  • mari1

    Camp Javakhk: Making an Impact in Dzalka

    Camp Javakhk: Making an Impact in Dzalka By U. Mari Tikoyan I hesitantly agreed to attend Camp Javakhk three days before the camp began. The day I was leaving for Georgia, I had second thoughts on participating. I was apprehensive

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  • meg1

    Camp Javakhk: The Best Experience I’ve Ever…

    Camp Javakhk: The Best Experience I've Ever Had By U. Meghri Dervartanian It was a quick decision to be a part of Camp Javakhk, and I'm so glad I went! On my way to Armenia to meet the rest of the counselors, I kept telling myself

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  • garo

    Camp Javakhk 2015: Reflecting on a Successful Jampar

    Camp Javakhk 2015: Reflecting on a Successful Jampar By U. Garo Sarajian   After talking to a friend who had just finished volunteering at Camp Javakhk last summer, I knew I wanted to participate in this four-year-old program.

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  • javakhk 2

    Camp Javakhk and AYF Internship: A Dual Experience

    Camp Javakhk and AYF Internship: A Dual Experience By U. Narine Taraksian Eye-opening. That is the first thing that comes to my mind when reflecting back on this week in Javakhk. It was clear within the first few minutes of being

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    Camp Javakhk 2015: Bachig Battlefield by U. Carnie…

    Camp Javakhk: Bachig Battlefield  By U. Carnie Armenian It didn't click to me until our first flag raising at camp Dzalka, a village on the path most commonly traveled by cows and chickens, that myself and my co-counselors were

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  • hands

    June is Javakhk Month!

    Sireli Ungerner, We are excited to announce that June is Javakhk month! All this month, we are asking our AYF community, members, family, and friends to help us in our advocacy for Javakhk. The committee will be posting daily via

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  • adam

    Why I had to go back to Javakhk – U. Adam Aktchian

    Being a counselor for Camp Javakhk twice has given me two totally different experiences. The first time was more of a self evaluation and discovery of my people in the diaspora other than the place I call home. Connecting with the

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  • Javakhk background

    Be Part of Camp Javakhk 2015!

    Deadline March 15, Acceptance Notification: April 1 Application Link: http://bit.ly/1hmjFTc CAMP JAVAKHK 2015 promises to be a truly memorable and fulfilling summer experience for all Armenian youth. The Armenian Relief Society,

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