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AYF Scholarship

AYF-YOARF Eastern Region USA / AYF Scholarship

K. Merton Bozoian & Dikran Hagopian AYF-YOARF Scholarship

The AYF-YOARF Central Executive is honored to provide the K. Merton Bozoian and Dikran Hagopian AYF-YOARF scholarship annually. The AYF-YOARF awards these scholarships based on financial need and academic excellence. Furthermore, the AYF-YOARF gives consideration to those in need who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the Armenian Cause. The scholarships are available only to members of the Armenian Youth Federation, Eastern USA.

The AYF-YOARF Central Executive encourages all interested members to review the attached application. Only complete applications shall be given consideration. The deadline to submit applications is June 1st and winners will be informed by August 15th. A formal announcement of the winners will be announced at the AYF-YOARF Olympics Sunday Grand Ball.

A complete application consists of the following items, all of which must be emailed to or mailed to:

AYF-YOARF Scholarships
80 Bigelow Avenue
Watertown, MA 02472

– A letter of recommendation from an instructor or professor
– A letter of recommendation from a member of the Armenian Community – preferably from the AYF-YOARF

If you have any questions, please contact the AYF Central Executive at