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Who We Are

An international, non-profit, youth organization that stands on five pillars that guide its central activities and initiatives.

Activism & Advocacy

Hai Tahd (the Armenian Cause) is one of our main ongoing activities throughout the year. We work together with sister organizations such as the Armenian National Committee to advocate for social, economic, and political justice for Armenians in both Armenia and the Diaspora. From silent or audible protests, to ANCA rapid responder letters to public officials, we enlighten the world on the importance of historical accuracy.

Remembering Our Roots

We constantly seek opportunities to connect our youth to their heritage through programs that either directly or indirectly engage in the improvement of Armenia. Whether it is Camp Haiastan in the US, the AYF Internship in Armenia, or even Camp Javakhk in Georgia, we aim to cultivate the youth to see their motherland through new and wholesome experiences, bringing them to appreciate their culture and heritage more than ever.

The Five Pillars of the AYF

The AYF promotes bringing Armenian youth of all ages together, regardless of their backgrounds to focus on the advancement of social, cultural, educational, political, and athletic causes. These five pillars enable our members to flourish successfully as individuals and teach them how to lead their communities. On our own, we are great, but when we work together for a common cause, our collective presence is indisputably visible.

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