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Our Events

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Senior Events

Senior Olympics

Senior Olympic Games is one of the largest events hosted by the Armenian Youth Federation. It takes place annually during Labor Day Weekend, rotating between host chapters in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Mid-West regions. Chapters compete over the long weekend in athletic events including track and field, swimming, tennis, softball, and golf. The winning chapter of the games is announced on Sunday night at the Grand Ball. Canada and West Coast chapters are invited to attend and compete as well.

National Athletic Tournament

NATs is the AYF’s interpretation of the Winter Olympics. Like Senior Olympics, NATs rotates between host chapters in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Mid-West regions. The event is held annually during President’s Day Weekend. Chapters compete in men’s and women’s basketball and co-ed volleyball. The winning chapter is announced Sunday night at the dance. Canada and West Coast chapters are invited to attend and compete as well.

Senior Seminar

Senior Seminar is the senior version of Junior Seminar. The event usually takes place during Columbus day weekend in October. It is held at our very own Camp Haiastan and invites senior members from the Mid-Atlantic, New England, Mid-West, West-Coast, and Canada regions to attend. It is a weekend filled with lectures, educationals, discussions and group bonding. This event provides members with learning opportunities from several active leaders within our community.


The convention is the AYF Eastern Region’s annual year-end meeting and audit. Each chapter in the Eastern Region sends an allotted amount of delegates to present on their chapter’s activity. The AYF Central Executive and committees also prepare year-end reports to go over and discuss the successes, failures, strengths, and weaknesses of the organization from the past year. The convention then establishes the groundwork for the upcoming year’s activity and goals, followed by the election of the new Central Executive. This weekend is crucial for the success of the organization.


Junior Events

Junior Seminar

Junior Seminar is the AYF’s premier junior event with typically over 300 attendees. It takes place Memorial Day Weekend and hosts juniors from the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Mid-West regions with senior members serving as counselors. Junior Seminar has been held in Prospect, PA since the 70’s at Camp Lutherlyn. The weekend consists of age-appropriate Armenian themed lectures and educationals, along with night activities and free time. A “Leader in Training” program is also offered to members of the junior chapter who are transitioning to the senior chapter. Several well-known Armenian authors, speakers, and leaders have lectured at Junior Seminar.

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Junior Conferences

This is an opportunity for the junior membership to work closely with the members in their district, share how their past year went, what it entailed, and how each junior chapter functions. This district-wide event gives juniors the opportunity to learn and grow with the chapters in their district, while bonding and experiencing the importance of having functioning chapter together.

Armenian Culture Education (ACE)

This is a district-wide event that gives the juniors the opportunity to learn more about Armenian culture. More importantly, juniors are able to participate in activities that allow them to experience being active in many parts of our culture. This event consists of different mini-lectures and activities that revolve around all aspects of the Armenian culture. The weekend implements education and the action of preserving while getting to experience fun with junior members outside their chapter.

Junior Winter Olympics (JWO)

A weekend full of fun and sports that all districts get to experience. JWO allows juniors to get to know the other chapters in their district while learning the value of sportsmanship and cooperating with one another. This gives our juniors the opportunity to enjoy some sports while cherishing the special experience of working hard with their ungers and ungerouhis throughout their district. This weekend usually consists of all indoor activities and is a great opportunity for our juniors to build relationships with one another.

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Midwest Junior Summer Olympics

Midwest Junior Olympics is a midwest favorite. The “Olympics” but for our junior members, enjoyed by both the youth and their families. This is an opportunity for all of our juniors and their families to experience a weekend of track and field, picnics, victory dances, and AYF fun all together. A great experience and opportunity for AYF families to have a first hand look of how important and wonderful it is to see their AYF juniors making memories with fellow AYF-ers.

Junior Athletic Games (JAG)

A weekend of track and field, and awesome memories for our AYF juniors in the Mid Atlantic and New England districts. Usually hosted at our wonderful, Camp Haiastan, the juniors get to experience a weekend together, cheering one another on, and making memories that will last a lifetime.