AYF-YOARF Seeks Director for AYF Internship in Armenia 2015

The AYF-YOARF Eastern Region is seeking a qualified and motivated director for its Internship in Armenia program for summer 2015.

Applicants should speak fluent Armenian or at least have a strong command of the language. The ideal candidate has spent significant extended time in Yerevan and is comfortable with the local customs and lifestyle in Armenia.

This position is not paid; however, travel to and from Armenia for the director is covered by the AYF-YOARF, as is the program budget. This position requires the director to live full time in Armenia with the interns for 2 months and lead the program’s daily activities outside of the interns’ jobs.


  • Speak Armenian
  • Be a strong and quick communicator and accessible via technology
  • Have spent significant time in Armenia
  • Comfortable leading a small group of college-age students for 2 months


  • Promote the Internship via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and word of mouth (phone calls, emails, etc.)
  • Collect and organize applications from potential interns
  • Conduct interviews to choose potential interns
  • Choose interns with the approval of the Central Executive
  • Plan and execute excursions every weekend (typically outside of Yerevan)
  • Find appropriate jobs and place all interns with their chosen field of study
  • Find a house/apartment in Yerevan to live in for the summer and handle all communication with landlord (rent, utilities, etc.)
  • Communicate with the Bureau Office of Youth Affairs in Armenia and plan at least one trip there for the interns
  • Plan and execute an educational program for interns
  • Plan and execute community service projects
  • Ensure interns are working 30 hours per week, attending educational program, community service projects, and excursions
  • Facilitate relationship with Birthright Armenia, which includes language classes and joint excursions
  • Facilitate interns’ blog writing and collaborate with AYF PR committee
  • Send periodic updates to the Central Executive
  • Facilitate introductions to other youth in Armenia, including:
    • AYF Armenia
    • U.S. West Coast Youth Corps
    • Canada Youth Corps
    • AGBU interns
    • Birthright/Armenian Volunteer Corps
  • Write a comprehensive report after the program’s completion to share with the Central Executive
  • Give presentations to local communities/AYF chapters after the program’s completion and coordinate interns’ responsibility to do the same

Interested applicants should send resumes to CE@ayf.org by Sunday, March 15. If you have any questions about the job description, the Internship program, or the AYF-YOARF, please forward them to CE@ayf.org as well.

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