AYF Internship: Questions I Still Have for Armenia

AYF Internship: Questions I Still Have for Armenia

By U. Arev Dinkjian

  • How is it possible that every single person is amazing at soccer…errr, I mean futbol?
  • Is there any sort of foolproof way to avoid being thrown into Swan Lake on Vartavar?
  • Who invented basturma? Because, thank you.
  • Is there even a short process to receive your driver’s license? Or is it just like once you can sit up right on your own, you can drive?
  • When is it appropriate to kiss someone once on the cheek as opposed to twice on either side?
  • How do these people eat so much bread?
  • Does the view of Ararat ever get old? Because I’ve taken about 697 pictures of it so far, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.
  • What’s with that creepy orange elephant, anyway?
  • Is this how tomatoes are supposed to taste? Because we’ve been doing it all wrong in the States.
  • In order to become a cab driver do you have to crack your own windshield, or is that just a coincidence that they’re all broken?
  • Parev or barev?…That is the question.
  • Who owns Grand Candy? I’d like to speak to him/her about acquiring some stocks.
  • Is Hayasdan stuck in everyone’s head, or is it just me?
  • Is it really that obvious that I’m American?
  • Am I just biased or are Armenian children incredibly beautiful?
  • Instead of constantly being late, why don’t Armenians just say when they’ll actually be there?
  • It’s hot—I know that’s not a question, but I just thought you should know.
  • How is there WiFi EVERYWHERE?
  • Does anyone know how many steps are on Cascade? I can only get up about halfway before passing out.
  • Why don’t I speak as many languages as the amazing people here?
  • Can I stay forever?


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