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AYF Olympic Games in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

AYF Olympics Hosted in Milwaukee Aug 31st-Sept 4, 2017 Please save the date in your 2017 calendar for the 84th Annual AYF-YOARF Olympics Games & Book your Hotel Room! Labor Day weekend, August 31st through September 4, 2017 Hosted by the Racine "Armen Garo" chapter of the AYF-YOARF Olympics Website is LIVE! Follow AYF Olympics on Social Media:

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AYF-YOARF’s Official Statement on “The Ottoman Lietenant”

This statement serves to inform the AYF-YOARF and Armenian community as a whole about a Turkish propaganda film that has been recently released called The Ottoman Lieutenant. Set in the Ottoman Empire, the film seems to portray a love story during World War I, but aims to alter the world’s view toward the Armenian Genocide.   The production, primarily funded by Turkey, takes an objective stance on the issue of genocide as it disguises the

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Providence “Varantian” Chapter February Recap

The Providence “Varantian” Chapter – February Recap The month of February was a great month for the Hey John Kids as we had a meeting, social, event and fundraiser. The chapters first official meeting of 2017 was on February 11th. The meeting was filled with insightful ideas and a lot of brainstorming regarding fundraisers throughout the year. We also had an educational about St. Gregory and St. Patrick given to us by our chapters educational

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The Youth Newsletter – February 2017
AYF-YOARF Midwest Junior Olympics 2016

AYF-YOARF Midwest Junior Olympics 2016 By U. Natalie Hardy of the Chicago Ararat Chapter   This past weekend was the 50th Midwest Junior Olympics hosted by the Chicago Ararat chapter. AYFers came with their families from Racine, Granite City, and Detroit to compete in a variety of events. The weekend kicked off with a Friday night social and alumni party at the Armenian All Saints Apostolic Church hall, where over 150 people socialized with

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