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Get ready for AYF Junior Seminar 2014!

Get ready for AYF Junior Seminar 2014!

The Junior Seminar Committee is extremely excited about this year’s event. This year’s theme is

հիշելյիշեցնելեւ պահանջել
To remember, to remind, to reclaim

This year, JSC would like to follow the AYF Central Executive’s Call to Action focusing on Western Armenia and the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Throughout the weekend Juniors will be immersed in age appropriate educationals on these topics. We hope that Juniors and Seniors will leave the weekend with a deeper understanding of the events before and during the Genocide. We also hope for them to walk away from the event realizing how our actions now and in the future can have a huge impact on our history.

In order to continue to reduce our carbon footprint, applications and payments will be submitted online by going to

Junior applications are now available. LIT and Senior applications will be available at a later time.

Junior Seminar will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 23th‐26th, at Camp Lutherlyn in Prospect, Pennsylvania.